"Conversation and negotiation skills are trainDTable." "Only those who know their strengths can utilize them successfully..."

Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Michael Traindt is a coach, trainer and speaker. He obtained his master’s degree in political science and law at the University of Vienna, Austria, and studied at Cambridge University. His special fields are presentation power, quick wit, media training, and negotiation and conversation techniques for professionals in politics and business, as well as career and business coaching.

He works successfully with politicians, government departments, public companies, interest groups, organisations and NGOs, as well as private persons, founders, leaders, entrepreneurs, sales agents, and service staff.

Michael Traindt is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) based in the UK and Belgium. The EMCC develops, defines and supports quality attributes and best practice in the coaching field. Its members commit to and abide by these professional and ethical standards.