Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

I deliver keynote speeches and presentations at conferences, conventions and events in Austria and internationally in German and English.


How the cobbler finds his last.
A speech about focus and credibility.

As the saying goes, “Cobbler, stick to your last,” meaning stick to your own trade. But what if our shoes hurt because the last isn’t right? This speech helps you find out what kind of last you really need.


Quick wit:
How to fend off personal attacks.

You are quick-witted, deep inside, you are! But it just always comes too late? And you keep thinking, “Why, why, why didn’t I think of this amazing retort when it mattered – two days ago?” Then this speech is right for you.


The strong performance.
Presenting with nerve and verve.

You are a master preparer of facts but your presentations are flops? Maybe your body language doesn’t match your words? This interactive speech teaches you how to become more persuasive, what you can do when you lose your train of thought, and how to captivate your audience with your presentation.


Yes you can:
Arguing successfully under pressure.

In delicate conversations you are too quick to accept a compromise or are too easily thrown by personal attacks or provocative behaviour? Learn how to act credibly, negotiate persuasively and reach your goals even with difficult topics and opponents – and still look your opponent in the eye.