Team training

Team training

“Good teamwork is the basis of corporate success.”

Team building improves operational flow in existing or recently formed teams or departments.
The goal is a stronger team identity as well as better communication and teamwork. The enhanced solidarity and the braver, more open communication help teams reach new levels of performance and success.

Team training

The two most important aspects of team training are reflection and identity. We clarify the following questions: What is special about our team? Where are our strengths? What are the challenges ahead? What can we improve as a team?

OPTION: Team development with acting techniques

Using team-oriented acting exercises we create situations in which participants experiment with different modes of behaviour and communication, such as attitude, status and role allocation.

“Through consciously getting into roles we shed light on behavioural patterns within the team and make them come alive. Based on our learning we can permanently improve teamwork in the field.”


Moderation of corporate retreats

As a moderator of corporate retreats, I create a structure and support teams with their respective goals. Corporate retreats are a great vehicle for team building. Group cohesiveness and a clear, collective vision in a team, department or board can be efficiently integrated while reviewing and developing your company’s infrastructure, systems and processes.