• Team development

    ‘Good teamwork is the basis for mutual success.’

  • Team development

    ‘Good teamwork is the basis for mutual success.’

Team development helps existing or newly formed teams, or entire departments, to cooperate better.

The goal is to strengthen team identity, internal communication, and operational sequences. Improved team spirit and bolder, more open communication lead to increased performance and more mutual success.

Team training

Two important components during team training are reflexion and identity. To that end, we clarify the following questions, among others: What sets our team apart? Where do our strengths lie? What are the next challenges? What can we improve as a team?

OPTION: Team development with methods from dramatic training

Using experience-oriented exercises from dramatic training, situations are created in which various methods of behaviour and communication can be tried out (attitude or status, as well as the role distribution in the team, for example).

‘By deliberately stepping into roles, we can experience behaviour patterns directly within teams. Building on this insight, the teams can sustainably improve their daily cooperation in practice.’

Moderating team meetings

I support and moderate teams by moderating meetings. This means that I create a structure, provide leadership throughout the day, and support teams in meeting their respective objectives. Company meetings traditionally aim to develop work priorities, distribute tasks in the team, and plan strategies and courses of action. In combination with team development measures, cooperation and a mutual vision are strengthened as a team or department or executive board.

Option: Team training with DiSG® Workplace
Achieve good communication with other people in the workplace: in the team, in projects, and in departments.
DiSG® Workplace facilitates interactive self-assessments with its new adaptive analysis process. During team training, the behavioural profiles become specific instructions for better understanding your colleagues and tips on how to design your (workplace) relationships to be more productive and effective.
That method of personality types is also effective for management staff, in sales, or in difficult conversations. Learn more here.

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