‘Are you quick-witted? No problem; I’m not either, and I train people in quick-wittedness.’

‘I’ve turned my greatest weakness into a strength, and have stood on various stages as a quick-wittedness trainer for almost 20 years. I describe how I accomplished this in the five rules of quick-wittedness.’

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In the book, I expound on what I’ve learned in order to stand on lecture, seminar, and theatrical stages. I’m convinced that these insights are helpful for people who are afraid of conflicts in negotiations, abuse during conversations, or being personally embarrassed (during presentations, for example) or would like to improve their elocution.

The book’s core topic is: How can greater quick-wittedness help me have better discussions on the job, in my circle of friends, and in my family?

‘Reacting intelligently instead of getting mad later. That’s quick-wittedness’.